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Program name: International Relations
Study Level: Undergraduate
Program leader: Shalva Dzebisashvili
Study language: Georgian
Qualification: BA of International Relations
Program capacity: 240
Program permission: National Exams
Program goals:


Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:


Learning outcomes:
Date of approval: 08-30-2016
Approval protocol number: 27-16
Date of program update:
Update protocol number:
Program details:


Teaching Process Characteristics:


Humanitarian-Social Block

Code Subject ECTS Semester
LAWB1155Debate and Critical Thinking6 1,3
LAWB1177Thinking and Morality6 1,3
LITR1212The great Books6 1,3
ANTH3130Basics of Cultural Anthropology6 1,3
HIST12226 1,3

Credits sum:


STEM Block

Code Subject ECTS Semester
MATH1414Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning6 1
STEM0002Ingenuity, entrepreneurship and technology6 1
STEM0003Experiments that changed the world6 1
STEM0004Game theory6 1
STEM0005Modern technologies6 1
STEM00076 1
STEM00106 1
STEM00116 1
STEM0012Biology and Health of the Human6 1,2
STEM0013Basics of Cyber Hygiene6 1,2

Credits sum:


Program Core

Code Subject ECTS Semester
ENGL3213English Language VI (B2/2)6 1
HIST1119Introduction to World History I6 1
POLI12656 1
HIST1219Introduction to The World History II6 2
POLI12666 2
POLI2230Political Sociology6 2
POLI2240Political Ideologies6 2
ECON1290Principles of Microeconomics6 3
POLI1145Georgian Government and Politics6 3
POLI2220World Politics6 3
ECON2190Principles of Macroeconomics6 4
IREL2225Geopolitics6 4
POLI2120Introduction to International Relations6 4
POLI3230Introduction to Comparative Politics6 4
IREL1230Research Design6 5
IREL1233Introduction to International Law6 5
IREL4013Introduction to Political Economy6 5
POLI3110International Organizations6 5
IREL22656 6
POLI1252Contemporary Security Challenges6 6
POLI3205South Caucasus Comparative Politics6 6
IREL1335EU Policies and Institutions6 7
IREL3115International Politics and Development6 7
IREL1235Practice Course- Simulation:Political crisis and decision-making/deal-making6 8
POLI4565Bachelor Thesis Preparation18 8

Credits sum:


Code Subject ECTS
IREL3262Collective Memory and Its Impact on Georgian Politics and International Relations6
COMM4350Disinformation: Identification and Research6
IREL1224Strategic Thinking6
IREL1315Politics and Government of Turkey6
IREL1410Modern Near East and its politics6
IREL3225Intelligence - Theory and Practice6
POLI3215US - Foreign and Defense Policy6
IREL1221English Language for International Relations6
IREL1245European Law6
IREL12451Russian Foreign Policy6
IREL1255Foreign Policy of Iran6
IREL1310American Politics and Government6
IREL1320Russian Politics and Government6
IREL1345International Regimes and institutes6
IREL1355Turkish Foreign Policy and Security6
IREL3220Hybrid Warfare6
POLI1235European Security Architecture after the Cold War6
POLI2250Georgia and the world6
POLI3261Politics and Political Mythology6
PSYC1488Basics of Social Psychology6

Credits sum:


Matrix Of Privequisites

Point GPA The university assessment   The general assessment in Georgia
97-100 4,00 A+ A Excellent
94-96 3,75 A
91-93 3,50 A-
87-90 3,25 B+   Very good
84-86 3,00 B B
81-83 2,75 B-  
77-80 2,50 C+   C good
74-76 2,25 C
71-73 2,00 C-
67-70 1,75 D+   D Satisfactory
64-66 1,50 D
61-63 1,25 D-
51-60 1,00 E E Sufficient
Not passed
41-50   FX FX Insufficient
<40   F F Failed

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