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Program name: Archaeology
Study Level: Undergraduate
Program leader: Davit Berikashvili
Study language: Georgian
Qualification: Bachelor of Humanities in Archaeology
Program capacity: 240
Program permission:

Admission criteria/ prerequisite (for the citizens of Georgia):
The students are enrolled on the bachelor programs on the basis of the results of the national entrance exams or on the basis of the decree  №224/ნ  (December 29, 2011) of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, on the basis of  the administrative registration and the decree of the Rector.

Admission criteria/ prerequisites (for the foreign country citizens):
Foreign entrants who completed secondary education abroad or got the education equivalent to it, or/and completed the last two years of secondary education  abroad , or students, who lived abroad during last two or more years and studied abroad in higher educational institutions accredited in compliance with the  legislation of the host country can be  enrolled in the program without taking national entrance exams on the basis of the decree № 224 / ნ  (December 29, 2011)  of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia. If the entrants don’t have English language Certificate FCE (First Certificate in English) the language competence (B2 – Intermediate )  is proved on the basis of the University exam in English with the minimal passing rate 60%.

Program goals:
Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:
Learning outcomes:
Date of approval: 11-15-2007
Approval protocol number: 13
Date of program update:
Update protocol number: 19/19
Program details:
Teaching Process Characteristics:

წავლების ორგანიზების თავისებურებები: ბაკალავრის აკადემიური ხარისხის მოსაპოვებლად არქეოლოგიაში სტუდენტმა უნდა დააგროვოს 240 კრედიტი, რაც გულისხმობს: ა) კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის მენეჯმენტში კონცენტრაციის არჩევის შემთხვევაში: • პროგრამის ძირითად საგნებს– 156 ECTS ( მათ შორის ინგლისური ენა 18 ECTS); • სავალდებულო არჩევით კლასიკურ ენას- 6ECTS;   არჩევით საგნებს–18 ECTS; • თავისუფალ კრედიტს 18 ECTS; • საგანთა კონცენტრაციას კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის მენეჯმენტში - 42 ECTS. ბ) დამატებითი სპეციალობის არჩევის შემთხვევაში: • პროგრამის ძირითად საგნებს– 156 ECTS ( მათ შორის ინგლისური ენა 18 ECTS); სავალდებულო არჩევით კლასიკურ ენას- 6ECTS;• თავისუფალ კრედიტს 18 ECTS; • დამატებით სპეციალობის საგნებს 60 ECTS.

Humanitarian-Social Block

Code Subject ECTS Semester
ANTH3130Basics of Cultural Anthropology6 1,2
HIST12226 1,2
LAWB1155Debate and Critical Thinking6 1,2
POLI2260Basics of Political Ideologies6 1,2
BUSN4433Economy, business, management6 1,2
LAWB1195Citizenship in the modern world6 1,2
LITR1212The great Books6 1,2
PHI777Thinking and Morality6 1,2

Credits sum:


STEM Block

Code Subject ECTS Semester
STEM0002Ingenuity, entrepreneurship and technology6 1,4
STEM0003Experiments that changed the world6 1,4
STEM0004Game theory6 1,4
STEM0006Basic programming course6 1,4
STEM00076 1,4
MATH1414Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning6 1,4
MATH4113Logic6 1,4
STEM0005Modern technologies6 1,4

Credits sum:


Program Core

Code Subject ECTS Semester
ARCH1120Introduction to Archaeology6 1
ENGL3213English Language VI (B2/2)6 1
HIST1119Introduction to World History I6 1
ARTS2237Drawing6 2
HIST1219Introduction to The World History II6 2
PALE2237Basics of Numismatics, Paleography, Epigraphy and Diplomatics6 2
ARCH4120Methods of Archaeology Research6 3
ARTS1110History of World Art (General course)6 3
HIST1230Introduction to the History of Georgia6 3
HIST2220Geography and Historical Geography of Georgia and the Caucasus6 3
ARCH3110Archaeology of the Stone and Bronze Ages6 4
ARTS2140History of Georgian Art6 4
GREK2217Old Greek language6 4
LATN2217Latin Language6 4
ARCH3220Archaeology of the Iron Age6 5
ARTS2210Georgian Architectural Monuments6 5
ARTS4117Georgian Metallic Sculpture6 5
INFO1220Geoinformatics6 5
ARCH3210Archaelogy of Classical Periods6 6
ARTS4157Technology and conservation of glass, ceramic products and metal products6 6
ARCH2237Internship in Archaeology6 7
ARCH4110Archaeology of the middle age6 7
ARCH4240Bachelor’s Thesis In Archaeology12 8

Credits sum:


Program Elective

Code Subject ECTS
ARTS1210Decorative Applied Arts - Style and Era6
PHIL2130History of Philosophic Thought6
ARCH4141Methods of natural and precise science in archaeology6
ARTS1212Basics of art analysis of the artefacts6
HIST2230Hellenism and Georgia6
HIST4187Georgian Biographical and Hagiographic Works - as a Source for the History of Georgia6
ARCH3212Landscape Archeology6
ARCT1220Basics of Fine Arts I6
ARTS3130Christian Art in the Middle Ages6
BYZN1217Byzantine Civilization6
HIST2130Epoch and Religion6
HIST2157Basics of Ancient Culture6
ARCT2110Basics of Fine Arts II6
KART4227Georgian mythology and folklore6

Credits sum:


Cultural Heritage Management - Specialization Core

ARTS3120Georgian Museum Collections65
MGMT2110Basics of Management66
CULT3237Legislative basis of cultural heritage66
ARTS4167Basics of gallery field67
CULT4117Project management of cultural fields67
ARTS4215Arts Marketing and Management68
ARTS4147International antiquity market, legislation, auction;68

Credits sum:


Matrix Of Privequisites

Point GPA The university assessment   The general assessment in Georgia
97-100 4,00 A+ A Excellent
94-96 3,75 A
91-93 3,50 A-
87-90 3,25 B+   Very good
84-86 3,00 B B
81-83 2,75 B-  
77-80 2,50 C+   C good
74-76 2,25 C
71-73 2,00 C-
67-70 1,75 D+   D Satisfactory
64-66 1,50 D
61-63 1,25 D-
51-60 1,00 E E Sufficient
Not passed
41-50   FX FX Insufficient
<40   F F Failed

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