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Program name: Pharmacy Program
Study Level: Graduate
Program leader: Elza Nikoleishvili
Study language: Georgian
Qualification: 0
Program capacity: 120
Program permission:


Program goals:

The goal of the program is to prepare a specialist, who will be able to respond the global and local challenges at practical and clinical pharmacy sphere; Who will have a profound and systematic knowledge of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Rational Pharmacotherapy, Clinical Toxicology, Patient-Centered Pharmaceutical care and Pharmaceutical practice, as well as methods of Clinical Research. Also, to give the students systematic knowledge of chemical and pharmacological groups of basic medicines, ways of introduction, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug side effects and the therapeutic importance. The Graduate students will be able to conduct independently a subject matter scientific research, act according to the international standards of pharmaceutical practice at outpatient services and hospitals as well. Also, to implement internationally recognized principles of rational pharmacotherapy.

Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:


Learning outcomes:
Date of approval: 02-26-2016
Approval protocol number: 07-16
Date of program update: 05-27-2016
Update protocol number: 19/16
Program details:


Teaching Process Characteristics:


Program Core

Code Subject ECTS Semester
CLPH5110Pharmaco epidemiology and Pharmacovigilance6 1
CLPH5120Medical Pharmacology I6 1
PHAR5110Pharmacoeconomics and Policy (PEP)6 1
PHMA5110Public Health and Health care Policy6 1
PHMA5210Health Management6 1
CLPH5210Clinical Pharmacy &Pharmacotherapy I6 2
CLPH5220Medical Pharmacology II6 2
CLPH5230Features of pharmacotherapy in age groups (pediatric and geriatric pharmacotherapy)6 2
CLPH5240Clinical Trials: Design, Results, biomarkers, drug safety6 2
CLPH 6110clinical Pharmacy &pharmacotherapy II6 3
CLPH6120Clinical Toxicology6 3
CLPH6130Pharmaceutical Care & good pharmacy practice6 3
CLPH6210Master’s Thesis in Pharmacy30 4

Credits sum:


Program Elective

Code Subject ECTS
PHAR6110Drugs-ethics and practice6
PHMA5240Epidemiological and Socio-statistical Research Methods6
PHMA6120Healthy Lifestyle and Behavior Changes6
PHMA6140Health and Social Information Systems and Management6
CLPH6140Pharmaceutical practice of hospital services6
CLPH6150Pharmaceutical practice in primary health care services and in pharmacies6
CLPH6160Pharmaceutical practice in mental health services6
CLPH6170Laboratory data interpretation for pharmacists6
CLPH6180Pharmaceutical Care -practical course6
CLPH6190Alternative and complementary medicine6

Credits sum:


Matrix Of Privequisites

Point GPA The university assessment   The general assessment in Georgia
97-100 4,00 A+ A Excellent
94-96 3,75 A
91-93 3,50 A-
87-90 3,25 B+   Very good
84-86 3,00 B B
81-83 2,75 B-  
77-80 2,50 C+   C good
74-76 2,25 C
71-73 2,00 C-
67-70 1,75 D+   D Satisfactory
64-66 1,50 D
61-63 1,25 D-
51-60 1,00 E E Sufficient
Not passed
41-50   FX FX Insufficient
<40   F F Failed

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