The University Of Georgia
Program name: English Philology
Study Level: Graduate
Program leader: Chkheidze Maia
Study language: Georgian
Qualification: MA in English Philology
Program capacity: 120
Program permission: ..
Program goals:


Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:
Learning outcomes:
Date of approval: 11-06-2008
Approval protocol number: 50
Date of program update: 06-10-2019
Update protocol number: 35-19
Program details:
Teaching Process Characteristics:

Program Core

Code Subject ECTS Semester
ACWR5123Academic Writing for Philologists (Eng.)3 1
ENGL5134English Language I9 1
ENLT5325History of English Literature (Eng.)6 1
LANC5219Language and Communication (Eng.)6 1
LING5111Modern Theories and Research Methods in Linguistics6 1
AMLT5321History of American Literature (Eng.)6 2
ENGL5335English Language II9 2
ENGL6231Text Processing (Eng.)3 2
SEMN5219Semantics (Eng.)6 2
LALT5213Linguistic Analysis of a Literary Text (Eng.)6 3
LING5217Text Linguistics6 3
LING6115Contrastive Linguistics6 3
SOLG5122Sociolinguistics6 3
ENGL6110Master's thesis in English Language (English)30 4

Credits sum:


Program Elective

Code Subject ECTS
MDDS5310Media Discourse6
RMLG5320Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis in Linguistics6
FRAN5135French Language I6
GERM5135German Language A16
ITAL5135Italian Language A I6
SPAN5135Spanish Language A I6
FRAN5235French Language II6
GERM5235German Language A26
ITAL5235Italian Language A II6
LAHL5232English Language and Historical Linguistics6
LING5115Language and Culture6
SPAN5235Spanish Language A II6
TPNA5523Theory and Practice of Negotiation3
EDUC5212Teaching and Learning Theories and Strategies6
ENGL6515Business Communication (Eng.)3
INCM5365Intercultural Communication (Eng.)6

Credits sum:


Matrix Of Privequisites

Point GPA The university assessment   The general assessment in Georgia
97-100 4,00 A+ A Excellent
94-96 3,75 A
91-93 3,50 A-
87-90 3,25 B+   Very good
84-86 3,00 B B
81-83 2,75 B-  
77-80 2,50 C+   C good
74-76 2,25 C
71-73 2,00 C-
67-70 1,75 D+   D Satisfactory
64-66 1,50 D
61-63 1,25 D-
51-60 1,00 E E Sufficient
Not passed
41-50   FX FX Insufficient
<40   F F Failed

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