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Program name: International Relations
Study Level: Graduate
Program leader: Shalva Dzebisashvili
Study language: Georgian
Program capacity: 120
Program permission:
Program goals:

Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:
Learning outcomes:
Date of approval: 02-09-2005
Approval protocol number: 02-05
Date of program update: 12-03-2014
Update protocol number: 51-14
Program details: Masters Program for International Relations is aimed to prepares specialists of wide profile, aware of fundamental theoretical attitudes in global politics and able to comprehend both regional and trans-regional politics.
Teaching Process Characteristics:

Program Core

Code Subject ECTS Semester
IREL5110Theories of International Relations6 1
IREL5220International Organizations6 1
IREL5230Theory and Practice in Diplomacy6 1
IREL6120International Conflict Analysis6 1
IREL6225Research Design and Qualitative Methods in International Relations6 1
IREL5235South Caucasus in Global Politics6 2
IREL5240Global Energy and Environment Studies6 2
IREL6110Foreign Policy Analysis6 2
IREL6220Master's Thesis in International Relations30 4

Credits sum:


Program Elective

student should choose 18 credits from the given list, 6 credits in the first semester, 12 credits in the second semester.
Code Subject ECTS
IREL5310Security Aspects of European Integration6
IREL5320Strategy and Defence Planning6
IREL5340Conflicts, Non-conventional Warfare and Special Operations6
IREL5360War and International Law6
IREL5352European Union, NATO and transatlantic politics6
IREL5140Educational Models and Systems in USA and European Union6
IREL6131Foreign Politics and National Defense of US6
IREL6153Global Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism6
KART5110Academic Writing and Research6
IREL5120Modern Politics of US6
IREL5126Nuclear non-proliferation6
IREL5130Integration of the European Union, Political and Economic Aspects6
IREL5131Peace, War and Security6

Credits sum:


Matrix Of Privequisites

Point GPA The university assessment   The general assessment in Georgia
97-100 4,00 A+ A Excellent
94-96 3,75 A
91-93 3,50 A-
87-90 3,25 B+   Very good
84-86 3,00 B B
81-83 2,75 B-  
77-80 2,50 C+   C good
74-76 2,25 C
71-73 2,00 C-
67-70 1,75 D+   D Satisfactory
64-66 1,50 D
61-63 1,25 D-
51-60 1,00 E E Sufficient
Not passed
41-50   FX FX Insufficient
<40   F F Failed

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